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Fixed media planning is a thing of the past.

Individual recommendations and a targeted approach motivate customers to buy.

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Website personalization

Do you know what your customers like and what they need? Do you know how they act on your web presence? Do you know where the largest jump points are? Let the customer know. Individual recommendations and a targeted approach spare nothing from standoffish anonymity online.

Not all external influencing factors which lead to interruptions in the sales funnel are preventable. To motivate returning customers to buy, it is helpful to remind them of their most recent visits and to present products which match their taste precisely. On the basis of the data from customer analysis, we create for you personalised page variants for your visitor groups. Through segmentation and constant optimization, you can achieve continuous personalization of your web presence. And so, with the use of self-learning algorithms, every visit will be a customer experience.

The result?

Use personalization for sustainable increase of customer satisfaction. Personalised approaches and recommendations which meet the requirements of your customer provide an easy-going shopping experience and retain existing customers. Through up-selling, cross-selling and post-selling, increase your sales and get maximum profit from every purchase.

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