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Increase sales volume
and capital turnover sustainable.

Make proper use of your shop data – and understand your customers.

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Premium e-commerce and shop optimization.

The digital customer is the new power. In the digital age, companies must approach the digital customer in an entirely new way. Do you know what your customer wants? What he needs? Knowledge on the wants and motivations of your customers is the key to high sales figures.

Understanding data. And getting to know the individual.

Put the individual into the centre of your marketing activities and adapt your communication to the specific situation. Because businesses can only achieve sustainable growth and strong brands if they bear in mind the entire lifecycle of their customers. Data-driven e-commerce marketing with the analysis of shop data is the prerequisite to ensure that you always understand your customers.

Your customer, the consumer.

Our aim is to make your customers' buying decisions so easy that they seem virtually logical to them. We make it easier for you to decide how you can implement your future marketing measures with maximum added value. We will accompany you all the way through the development, revision or expansion of your e-commerce project – from strategy and conception to optimization of the customer experience and a maximum conversion rate for more sales.

High customer values by addressing your customers individually.

Your individual e-commerce strategy focusses on interested buyers. Based on available data, we find out where and how your customers are reached most effectively and what they really want. We optimise your customer value by individually addressing consumers on the basis of their lifecycle phase, needs, interests, motifs and targets. The realistic weighing up of the various contact points in the course of the purchasing process allows for an efficient budget.

The result?

A sales increase of 470 percent compared to the previous year, as we have achieved for raiffeisenmarkt.de


One of the highest certification rates in the industry, proven processes for quality assurance and permanent further training guarantee optimum performance.


With the courage to change, comprehensive knowledge of innovative technologies and an eye for the emergence of new trends, we guarantee you will have a knowledge advantage over your competitors.


Independence of networks, media agencies and technology providers, allows consistent focus on achieving your business goals without other obligations.

Holistic approach

A holistic, multi-channel view of all contact points with the target group prevents silo thinking and creates the conditions for optimal budget distribution.

Our holistic approach.

Individual. Scalable. Transparent.