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Continuous performance improvement for the online shop laprinta.de.

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Customisation? It's been done before.

Karl-Friedrich Mayer and his KM-Werbemittel GmbH have been turning the vision of an all-inclusive provider of advertising media into reality since 1988. The affiliated online shop laprinta.de offers B2B and B2C companies of all sizes the entire spectrum of personalised advertising media. USB sticks, carrier bags, pens and notebooks are just the beginning. laprinta.de is one of the pioneers in Germany in the design of promotional gifts with logos.

Clear goal: More conversions.

We have been working successfully with KM-Werbemittel since 2015. During this time, we were able to continuously improve the performance of our search, shopping and reactivation campaigns. As the product range is constantly growing, we are also permanently expanding all relevant measures. As part of our innovation management, we continuously search the market for innovations in order to find new, high-performance ways to not only achieve our goals, but to exceed them. Campaign goals primarily involve the generation of transactions, product inquiries, sample orders and calls.

Data > Optimization > Success.

Especially in the B2B area, calls are valuable conversions and are measured by us as part of every marketing campaign. With the help of various analysis tools, we were able to determine exactly which campaign, advertisement or keyword generated the request or where the demand was particularly high at which time.

In this way, we have succeeded in optimizing the performance of individual advertising channels such as search engine advertising, displays or shopping down to the level of keywords and advertising media. In 2017, our data-driven approach enabled us to increase conversions (transactions, product inquiries, sample orders and calls) by another 39 percent year-on-year, while simultaneously reducing average costs per conversion by 11 percent.

Two is better than one: 200% performance uplift.

We are particularly proud of the introduction of Google shopping campaigns. With laprinta.de, a number of special features must be taken into account due to the B2B context. Among other things, Google requires that all prices, unlike in B2B, be issued as gross prices. Scaled prices are also difficult for Google to interpret. But even these obstacles did not stop us! Thanks to sophisticated adjustments in the shop, we were able to quickly add this promising channel to our advertising portfolio. Result: a performance uplift of 200 percent.

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