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Data-based digital strategy and increased turnovers in HDI’s direct sales for car insurances.

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What we have achieved working together with HDI.

Using a data-based and transactions-oriented digital strategy, suchdialog has redesigned and advanced the existing digital contact points for HDI’s car insurance policies. At the same time, the creation of additional relevant online touchpoints has opened up additional opportunities. Market shares have been developed and customer acquisition has significantly improved. This has all been possible thanks to an integrative approach based on the use of smart data. The consistent introduction and continual evaluation of new methods and marketing ideas led to a marked reduction in cost per sale within only a few weeks.

As a result, the joint success story was presented by Arne Voigtländer (HDI Vertriebs AG) and Ralf Pressler (suchdialog AG) as a best practice case study in the Performance Integration category on the main stage of TactixX 2017, under the slogan »Centralising Needs and Seasonality in Digital New Customer Acquisition.«

As multifaceted as its customers: HDI Versicherungen.

Over 100 years of expertise and experience make HDI Versicherungen a reliable partner for its private and corporate customers. As a provider of flexible insurance and pension solutions, HDI covers a particularly broad spectrum of customer needs. From private customers to comprehensive corporate insurance policies, HDI provides made-to-measure solutions.

In the private customer segment, HDI’s car insurance policies are placed number one in tests by the Deutsches Kundeninstitut and rated as »EXCELLENT« by the WirtschaftsWoche magazine.

The digital path to customer acquisition.

The insurance market is responding with increasing sensitivity to the developments of the digital world: greater price transparency, increased readiness to switch providers, and lower barriers for such switches are all contributing to reduced customer lifetimes. We are stemming this trend.

Drawing on extensive data, competitor and trend analyses, we developed a cross-channel, performance-oriented digital strategy. As part of addressing the highly diverse and granular target groups who inhabit the HDI car insurance product segment as precisely as possible, we created a data-based, slender persona concept and result-oriented communications roadmap. A customer journey analysis resulted in a multi-phased strategy that allowed us to carefully guide potential customers through the conversion funnel depending on which stage of the completion process they were at.

A personalised rulebook made it possible to monitor the campaign. This allowed us to make result-oriented optimisations to the respective measures and continually reallocate budgets to channels with optimum effect. Thanks to a comprehensive KPI dashboard, current campaign developments could be viewed a short time later even by client management. Prepared, analysed and presented within an integrative knowledge management system were planning, management and status details from heterogeneous data sources – always with the goal of empowering all responsible parties at HDI with knowledge advantages for making valid, data-based decisions. In order to be able to respond quickly and sustainably to new developments, innovations were regularly verified, tested and implemented within an integrative management system.

»In search of a professional partner for the digital marketing of our self-service insurance policies, suchdialog made the grade in many different aspects. The agency’s strong, data-powered approach allowed us to make marketing investment decisions that were not based on a gut feeling but instead derived from an integrated data model. We also see an additional key factor in the joint success lying in the fact that dialogue is always on an equal footing and critical in nature, ensuring that important soft factors are also included.

The result: a continuing, excellent partnership and highly successful changeover car insurance year for 2016.«

Arne Vogtländer
Online Marketing Manager Direct Sales, HDI Vertriebs AG

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