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Digital strategy for fitnessRAUM.de.

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Slimming cure for money gobblers.

In collaboration with suchdialog, the interactive online fitness studio fitnessRAUM.de increased its first-time sign-ups by 21 per cent within four months as well as boosting customer loyalty beyond the free trial period. suchdialog advised the studio platform and assisted with its digital marketing operations – reducing the cost per new member (CPL) by almost 70 per cent.

The company.

fitnessRAUM.de is an interactive online platform run by the market leader for fitness DVDs and offers an exceptionally extensive and professional range of videos. The 700 workout films were shot at highly attractive locations worldwide featuring numerous celebrities and well-known trainers.

An integral approach.

The aim of our digital strategy was to significantly increase membership figures on fitnessRAUM.de and reduce advertising costs per sign-up. Campaigns tailored towards the business model aimed to generate new customers and secure loyalty beyond the trial period. In order to make a real difference, our data experts analysed the digital footprints of the target group online. Which sports and which courses appeal most to individuals? How do potential customers want to be targeted, what are their personal motivation drivers?

The insights gained from a customer journey analysis were fed directly into our digital strategy, allowing us to create an individually targeted and therefore highly effective campaign. While high-interest push marketing attracted attention to the courses offered by the fitness experts, finely tuned reactivation measures were applied to reinforce the initial impact on the target group – which was highly beneficial in view of the unconventional business model.

It’s working out.

More and more people are discovering the advantages of a »virtual personal trainer« and wouldn’t want to miss out on regular sessions at their »personal fitness centre.«
So as we continue to advise fitnessRAUM.de, we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for the market leader.

»suchdialog provides us with reliable support in marketing our business model and positioning us as an interactive online fitness studio. The advisers and campaign managers are highly professional, drawing on the very latest technologies to tap into new target groups for fitnessRAUM.de and significantly reducing the cost per lead.«

Daniel Gonschorek
Managing Director, fitnessRAUM.de GmbH (16.03.2017)

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