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Generating leads for one of Germany’s most popular e-mail marketing providers: CleverReach®.

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The list is growing.

Germany’s e-mail marketing specialist CleverReach® has got together with the digital experts at suchdialog to continuously increase sign-ups for its user-friendly e-mail marketing solutions. What started as a pilot phase in 2015 has developed into a permanently successful collaboration between two online marketing companies.

CleverReach® for the right address.

With more than 150,000 customers in over 150 countries, CleverReach® is one of the world’s leading providers of e-mail marketing solutions. Its cloud-based concept helps companies compile, send out and analyse their e-mail marketing campaigns. True to the claim »simply simpler«, CleverReach® allows quick set-up, intuitive handling and a high number of interfaces. There are also links to Facebook and a wide range of shop systems.

This innovative service provider also has excellent technology standards and customer service. Anyone interested can easily create a free test account. Fixed or pre-paid prices at fair levels give regular customers total cost control at all times.

Online expertise on all sides.

As in e-mail marketing itself, the success of our approach lies in the list – i.e. the data. Since there are increasingly diverse paths from initial contact to becoming a new customer, communication is based on cross-channel tracking of digital footprints and customer pathways. Analysis insights are fed directly into the overall strategy.

We tap into the active search market by means of a differentiated approach to the relevant search queries. Visitors to the CleverReach® website are targeted individually once again – whether in the search engine, on social media or on other websites. We consistently fine-tune all transaction-oriented digital marketing measures, whether SEM, display advertising, retargeting, social media or native advertising – always with the aim of increasing sign-ups. Attribution modelling, budget allocation and conversion optimisation ensure maximum efficiency of all measures.

As an e-mail marketing specialist, CleverReach® also uses its own technology to persuade new customers of the benefits of additional functions such as the auto responder, automation centre, larger mailing volumes etc. A downstream e-mail welcome series is used to draw new customers’ attention to the low-cost payment rates.

And the KPIs?

With so much expertise, what about the key performance indicators? Looking at new customer acquisition in the long term, CleverReach® and suchdialog were able to boost brand awareness and the number of new sign-ups on an ongoing basis – achieving an increase of 150 per cent in the conversion rate. Meanwhile successful performance campaigns in the USA have ensured international visibility.

Maintaining customers with fresh, relevant stimuli.

Anyone wanting to convince their target group has to be able to inspire them – in other words avoid boredom and provide a constant stream of fresh stimuli. This is one of the reasons we are working with CleverReach® at a high level of innovation, meeting regularly to look at new strategies and advertising forms, and constantly generating new insights as to the correct method of customer targeting.

The creativity, resourcefulness and boldness of the entire CleverReach® team are especially impressive: new ideas, channels and formats are always welcomed and quickly put to the test. Our enriching collaboration with CleverReach® is something we regard as a long-term project.

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