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Culture is a question
of attitude.

Together – with you and for you.

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Doors? We open them. Walls? We tear them down. Stairs? Only take us to the top.

The design of our office embodies everything which characterises our work. What are walls for? Open workspaces leave us room for ideas, up, down, in every direction. Because we work as a team. We meet new challenges every day, face-to-face.

Flat hierarchies, always informal and the management office always has an open door. So why have doors? Because here there is movement, encounters happen on an equal footing, confrontation happens, it's part and parcel of having such a variety of individualists. Because our diversity characterises us. Countless ideas and diverse thinking in all directions are the hallmarks of our teams. Despite all the differences, we have a common goal, your goal. To achieve this, we combine all these ideas and rush together in one direction: the success of our customers.

Together – with you.

Respectful co-operation is a prerequisite for healthy teamwork. Because we deal with our customers in the same way we deal with each other in everyday office life: in a respectful, honest and transparent manner.

While we're shutting down our computers at night, our heads are continuing to work. Because we love what we do and respect every single one of us. And because we have a strong management, we see each employee as an inspiration and a motivating leader, who challenges and encourages.